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Overheard at My Own Funeral


Oklahoma City TImes

Here Come the Brides – Bobby Sherman

To quote a Bobby Sherman song “Oklahoma City Times”

” I”m not livin’ my life to go out with a whimper but a bang

I want someone to remember me by deed, if not by name

Who cares if I own a mansion or just a cabin in the pines

But I gotta be more than just two lines in the Oklahoma City Times”

Sums it up- I want to be remembered for my personality and how I treated people. I hope I’m living my life in such a way that people would be remembering good times and a good friend. There may be a few people that wouldn’t but they wouldn’t be there.

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Lighthouse again


Had a plan for a story for a Halloween anthology- had the first ten or so lines rattling around in my  head for a few days.  It was going to take place in New Orleans- or near New Orleans, I should say.  At Oak Alley.  But, little did I know, the trip to Pensacola Lighthouse with Cynthia Eden on the 4th of July weekend for a ghost hunt was still lurking in the old noggin.

Started the story and lo and behold, these characters were NOT at Oak Alley, they were at the lighthouse.  Rascals.  Didn’t let me in on that one til the writing  process was underway.  I always say I like to be surprised by my characters and they got me this time. 

looking up the spiral staircase