Daily Archives: July 2, 2010

Pensacola Lighthouse


Heading out in a few minutes to the Pensacola Lighthouse for a ghost tour with the Ghost Seekers of Texas.  This is my second time to do this. First time, son’s leg got really cold and I took a picture and got a great shot of a white blur across his pant leg. AND upstairs, he and I both heard a moan/groan at the same time. We were the last ones in the hall and it was a clear sound.  There was no wind so it wasn’t that. 

Tonight I’m going with paranormal writer and friend Cynthia Eden.  Should be a blast.  If I catch any good shots,  I’ll edit this post with them. 

EDITED TO ADD:  Had a great time except for one chick that was so susceptible to the ‘power of suggestion’ that she heard and saw everything that was possible.  We smelled tobacco a couple of times and got some EMF readings but not much else –  Didn’t get any real good shots this time. But here is the lighthouse and us girls.

Love the sky here



Been a sad week.  One of my dear friends from high school buried her mother yesterday.  My heart hurt for her all week.   It was so sad to see her and her siblings yesterday.

My brother in law has been in the hospital all week and last night, we got the word that he will never leave the hospital.  He has fought a valiant fight with cancer for four years.  He has hung on so long.  He was always a wonderful brother to all his siblings and welcomed me as his own sister when  I married into the family. He has an amazing wife, 3 children and 7 grandchildren,  He will be missed.  

What a week this has been.