The Worst Teacher I Ever Had


Snow in Florida Cancels Geometry for a Day

7652 Historic Snowstorm Charlottesville and Central Virginia Reverse Sunrise

Geometry- 10th grade- witch. She broke her back and would be in pain and leave, be gone 3-4 days, we had substitute teacher (s)- never the same one 2 days in a row- Witch would come back- still in pain and give tests on material never covered in class, ad infinitum- Horrible experience.

One day it snowed- YES, in Fla, it snowed. We all were late to class and she dictated a paragraph that we were to write 20 times. It was HUGE- all I can remember is the first few words: “The snow today has warped my mind…”

Before we got it all down once, the principal came on the intercom and told us to go home. Whew!

And, I never did learn geometry!

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