The Most Confusing Part of Life Is…


Not Confused; Sad

Each war is different, each war is the same

Wow. I read some of the answers to this Plinky prompt and am a liitle dismayed at the number of people who are confused about everything in life. I think of myself as a rational human being and I am rarely confused. I am sad at war and man’s inhumanity to man but confused? No.

Mankind is emotional and flawed – all of us. We are all egocentric and sadly, it makes for a world in turmoil. I try to make my little corner peaceful and hope for the best but people have always been and will always be flawed. I’m not confused about it but I do hate that we can’t all get along. I’m all for “live and let live” but I sometimes think I’m in the minority. Sadly, people have died and will continue to die in the name of religion. I wish it weren’t so.

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  1. What an awesome picture. War does seem so senseless. Had dinner with my cousin the other night who has four sons. Three of them have been to Afganistan and/or Iraq. One of her sons has done 3 tours in Iraq and is about to go to Afganistan. How much longer must this war continue? I understand we have to take action but…. well… I’m sad too. Good post.

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