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Hoping for Good News


The best news I could receive now is an acceptance of one of my novels out on submission. I’ve had four submissions out since the end of January. I think it’s already good news that I haven’t gotten the fast turn-around rejection so I’m hopeful. Or it could be that the four publishers are so jammed with submissions that they have just shoved me to the bottom of the pile. Guess I’ll find out sooner or later!

New Romance Magazine On Line


A new source of romance stories went live last night- my alter ego has a story in it but she can’t talk about it today because it is Wordless Wednesday on her blog.  But check it out: http://romancestoriesmagazine.com/   One Night in Costa Rica is a story about a surfer and a herpetologist. 

http://jillianchantal.wordpress.com/ and check out Wordless Wednesday too as the manuscript heads to the agent.

The One Who Got Away


Fictional Character Has to Listen When the Real Man Wouldn’t


The one that got away broke my heart in two pieces and it has never really been the same again. He was my first love and he didn’t trust me. He believed a lie and left me without allowing me to explain what really happened.

I am mining this horrible experience in my 5th full length manuscript that I am currently writing. I’m planning to let my heroine really blast his a** in the scene where she confronts him and by God, this time around,he’s gonna listen!

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Hormones, tannins and word counts


That sums up my weekend. Determined to break the barrier between category romance and single title romance, I spent the weekend upping the word count on one of my manuscripts. Got 10,000 more in. Then the hormonal headche kicked in.  OR did it? I did imbibe some red wine which we all know has tannins which can cause headaches.  AND oh yeah, what about eye strain from looking at a computer screen for hours on end?  That could have been the culprit there as well.  

I made it through 9 of the 15 chapters and hope to edit two a night for the next three nights to get the word count up another 10,000.  Wish me luck- Hopefully, I won’t collapse in a heap and burst a blood vessel in my eye.  OR get carpal tunnel syndrome. The old wrist is aching from overuse already. But I gotta move onwards and upwards.