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How I’ll Remember 10/10/10


2010 All Girl Cayucos Pier Classic-76 Female Surfer Hangs 10 – Hangs Ten.

I’m working on a novel called Surfer Bride and closing in on 50,000 words. My goal is to get there this morning. I like the symmetry of 10-10-10 and 50,000 is a nice even number, too. Hope to actually surpass it by a few thousand by the end of the day, but 50,000 before noon works.

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New Romance Magazine On Line


A new source of romance stories went live last night- my alter ego has a story in it but she can’t talk about it today because it is Wordless Wednesday on her blog.  But check it out: http://romancestoriesmagazine.com/   One Night in Costa Rica is a story about a surfer and a herpetologist. 

http://jillianchantal.wordpress.com/ and check out Wordless Wednesday too as the manuscript heads to the agent.

Hero v. Antihero


Wrote some more on my new story last night, Surfer Bride.  I use the ywriter  software-  Not to actually write in but to set up my characters, locations, etc.   After I type the day’s work in my regular word processing program, I cut and paste into the chapters and scenes in the ywriter.  This   program keeps your daily word count, your goal word count. how many more words a day you have to type to get to the goal AND it tells you how many times you’ve used a word.  I highly recommend it.  AND the best part is that is is FREE!  Check it out      http://www.spacejock.com/yWriter5.html      Remember, though, write in your word processing program and then cut and paste- then you have 2 copies in case one goes wonky on you. 

Here are pictures of  the inspiration my hero and anti hero for this story-  Which will be the groom?  A choice of Marks- hmmmmm?