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Hormones, tannins and word counts


That sums up my weekend. Determined to break the barrier between category romance and single title romance, I spent the weekend upping the word count on one of my manuscripts. Got 10,000 more in. Then the hormonal headche kicked in.  OR did it? I did imbibe some red wine which we all know has tannins which can cause headaches.  AND oh yeah, what about eye strain from looking at a computer screen for hours on end?  That could have been the culprit there as well.  

I made it through 9 of the 15 chapters and hope to edit two a night for the next three nights to get the word count up another 10,000.  Wish me luck- Hopefully, I won’t collapse in a heap and burst a blood vessel in my eye.  OR get carpal tunnel syndrome. The old wrist is aching from overuse already. But I gotta move onwards and upwards.

gonna reactivate this old blog


I’m thinking I’m gonna start blogging here again. My nom de plume is gonna retire for a while (take a sabbitical, so to speak) so I’m gonna go back to the real name. Look for some new stuff here in the next days. Going to Romancemama’s tonight for some girl time – should be good for laughs. Maybe my headache from the day’s dramas will go away. 

Singing "Sherry Baby" maybe?

See how much fun she can be??? On second thought, maybe the headache won’t go away.  LOL!