The One Who Got Away


Fictional Character Has to Listen When the Real Man Wouldn’t


The one that got away broke my heart in two pieces and it has never really been the same again. He was my first love and he didn’t trust me. He believed a lie and left me without allowing me to explain what really happened.

I am mining this horrible experience in my 5th full length manuscript that I am currently writing. I’m planning to let my heroine really blast his a** in the scene where she confronts him and by God, this time around,he’s gonna listen!

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  1. Ahhhhh the britches and the boots. I like it. Haven’t been able to write the one the that got away yet. For me it may not be cathartic or even remotely healthy. Good post.

    • Mine is ok to write about since I did re-establish a relationship of sorts with him later in our 20s when he was burned by the woman he married after we broke up.

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