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How Music Affects My Productivity



I love to work to tunes on the radio, Ipod, or computer. I even make a soundtrack for each book I write with songs that go with the story line. It’s part of my creative process. I love music. I used to dance and sometimes I choreograph in my head as I work. I usually have some kind of music playing at the office as well. I find that the workday passes faster and I can get a lot done in time with the music.

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Is a new disease my doctor friend has given as my diagnosis.  It seems that it is incurable and only palliative care is available.   The symptoms are screwing up every piece of electronic equipment you own.  I have killed several computers lately and my e-reader had to be returned to the store because it wouldn’t work.  Cell phones and Ipods are also at risk from my touch.  Can  it be my magnetic personality?  Should I be wearing latex gloves as I type this?

AND yes, before I get some smart a** remark about what the Urban Dictionary says someone with Techitis is, I DID look it up and I categorically deny any association with that school!