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Island Song


I’m still working on that Young Adult novel and last night my characters landed on an island. It’s not going to be the tropical paradise my heroine believes it to be but it’s going to be fun to write for sure. One of my friends posted a Madonna song on her blog this week so I was reminded of my favorite Madonna song from back in the day and it ties in to my novel- sort of. Here it is. Enjoy!

How Music Affects My Productivity



I love to work to tunes on the radio, Ipod, or computer. I even make a soundtrack for each book I write with songs that go with the story line. It’s part of my creative process. I love music. I used to dance and sometimes I choreograph in my head as I work. I usually have some kind of music playing at the office as well. I find that the workday passes faster and I can get a lot done in time with the music.

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