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Customer Service Winners and Losers


Piles of Money

Customer service? How about no service! I just went round and round with my credit union the other day. My son moved to England for grad school and we called the credit union ahead of time and told them he was moving and we even changed his address. This is an international credit union that does business with people all over the world.

Sure enough, he went over and the first thing he tried to buy was a cell phone over there since his wouldn’t work internationally without huge charges. Guess what? The credit union wouldn’t honor the charge and cut off his card for “suspicious activity.” WTH? Crazy.

So, I called them as I’m the joint owner of the card. They would not listen to me about the charges being okay. They wanted HIM to call- what part of “He can’t get a phone because you cut off his card” didn’t they understand? He needed credit to get the phone and they cut off his credit because he was in a foreign country. It was one of those things called a vicious circle, right?

The only way I had to communicate with him was by email. He tried to email the credit union but they ignored his request to allow the charges. It was ludicrious. I went round and round with them, finally, exasperated, I told them they needed to look at my other accounts because I was coming to take ALL OF MY MONEY out as soon as I got off work. Guess what? They took the freeze off the kid’s card. GEEZ. How crazy was all that?

I’m still debating taking the money and leaving. If I hadn’t been a customer since I was 16, I might.

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Is a new disease my doctor friend has given as my diagnosis.  It seems that it is incurable and only palliative care is available.   The symptoms are screwing up every piece of electronic equipment you own.  I have killed several computers lately and my e-reader had to be returned to the store because it wouldn’t work.  Cell phones and Ipods are also at risk from my touch.  Can  it be my magnetic personality?  Should I be wearing latex gloves as I type this?

AND yes, before I get some smart a** remark about what the Urban Dictionary says someone with Techitis is, I DID look it up and I categorically deny any association with that school!