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Look of Disappointment


I was in Delray, Florida on Friday and wanted to go to Murder on the Beach, a mystery book store. We got there a bit after ten and the store was dark. The spouse went and looked on the door and came back to say there were no hours posted. We sat in the car for a while and I decided to head over and look in the window. I’ve written a cozy mystery called Mystery on the Coast and I wanted to peek in the window of the store even if it was closed.  As I looked in, I saw a sign that they opened at ten (spouse must be blind) but they were still not open. So, we left and walked down the street to a few other stores. #1 son took this picture of me when I was looking in the window and he called it “The Look of Disappointment” 

They did eventually open and I bought four books. So, not so disappointed after all.

Martha Grimes


Martha Grimes is  my absolute favorite writer and has been since the 1980s.  I adore her stories about Richard Jury and Melrose Plant.  She’s so witty and clever.  The characters are so real and fun.  All the books are named for pubs.

I own all of the books she’s ever published.  She  has others besides the Jury series.  They are excellent as well. Search on Amazon and order some. You won’t regret it.

Her latest book is called The Black Cat.  I started it last night and so far, it is as good as the rest.  This one is autographed. As most of you know, my son is in architecture school in Ft. Lauderdale. There is a cool book store in Delray, Fla (just up the road from him) called Murder on  the Beach.  Martha made an appearance there last month on her book tour and my son went and listened to her talk and got me the book.  What a great son!   I sure wish I could have been there. 

Anyway, I highly recommend this series.  I think The Black Cat is #22.