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Valentine’s Anthology – Release Day


There are three stories in this anthology and here are the tag lines for each:

Latte Love by Jennifer Daiker
When Charlie’s secret admirer orders more than just a steamy latte this Valentine’s Day, the secrets have never been sweeter.

The Coroner’s Heart by Jillian Chantal
Making a Valentine’s Day candy heart from Jell-o is easy for this coroner, performing an autopsy on a real heart is even easier, but what happens when her own heart is at risk?

Change of Heart by Liberty Blake

After the night they spent in the hot tub, Melody believed her new man wanted a relationship, but now it was Valentine’s Day and not even a phone call. Did he have a Change of Heart?

This book is available at

What Makes Me Cry- Then vs Now


Locker room with lonely lab coat

It's funny that as I get older the things that make me cry now are different than what made me cry as a younger person. I was always pretty tough as a kid and really only cried if I was physically hurt or super mad. When I get furious, the emotion tends to come out in tears – which makes me even madder at myself for showing weakness by crying, which makes me cry more. It's terrible.

As I have aged and now have children, I cry much easier and sometimes for strange reasons. I have been known to cry during a commercial on televsion. I cry when I read and in movies. I guess having children loosened something in my emotional make up to make it easier to let the tears flow.

I'm not a scientist or psychologist, but I think the unconditional love I have for my children may have had a good effect on me and allows me to be more open.

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