Daily Archives: October 20, 2010

Sherlock Holmes Part II


I follow Stephen Fry on Twitter. Or, I should say, my alter ego does.  Love him- he is so witty. Have loved him since his Jeeves and Wooster days with Hugh Laurie.  He’s been tweeting today about filming part two of the new Sherlock Holmes movies by Guy Ritchie. It’s the first day of filming and they’re working at night – he’s cold.  So, we know there’s a night scene and it’s cold. What does that get us? Nothing.

Seems Mr. Fry is playing Sherlock’s brother, Mycroft.  AND Robert Downey, Jr and Jude Law are reprising their roles. 

I loved the first one, except for the chick that played Irene Adler- let’s hope they re-cast her or that she can tone down her modernism for the role better than she did before.  Or maybe Irene won’t be in this one.

Can’t wait. Adore the charming Robert Downey, Jr. and the first movie was a fun romp.

If I Could Go Back in Time


Back Stabbers Beware

Knife 1

I would change the way I handled a situation in high school with a former friend. I wouldn’t stand for the way this person treated me and I would clear the air between us and let the chips fall where they may. I trusted this person and was stabbed in the back. I wouldn’t let it unfold the way it did in the past this time around.

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