Daily Archives: October 16, 2010

Deadly Promises


Treated myself to a read today since I needed a bit of a break. I love the BAD Agency books by Dianna Love and Sherrilyn Kenyon so I bought this book of novellas since one of the stories was a BAD Agency story. It was great. Just like always, these two ladies nailed it. They just go from strength to strength.

I was happy to discover two new authors I hadn’t read. I guess that’s a reason for publishers to put out such books. The other two writers are Cindy Gerard and Laura Griffin.  Both have hot law enforcement types as the heros.  One has an agency called Black Ops, Inc. but the hero in the story was CIA and the other had a Navy Seal as the hero.  I recommend you pick up this book and enjoy three great stories.

The only complaint I had was the boneheaded thing one of the heroines in one of the stories did. I almost decided to stop reading when she made that move because it seemed as if the writer put the heroine in a dangerous situation in a manipulative way. The heroine was written as a very intelligent person and this move was out of character in my opinion. She was safe and then interfered in an operation where she had no business being. I didn’t think the author was true to the character she’d created. I was disappointed in that part of the story.