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Sherlock Holmes Part II


I follow Stephen Fry on Twitter. Or, I should say, my alter ego does.  Love him- he is so witty. Have loved him since his Jeeves and Wooster days with Hugh Laurie.  He’s been tweeting today about filming part two of the new Sherlock Holmes movies by Guy Ritchie. It’s the first day of filming and they’re working at night – he’s cold.  So, we know there’s a night scene and it’s cold. What does that get us? Nothing.

Seems Mr. Fry is playing Sherlock’s brother, Mycroft.  AND Robert Downey, Jr and Jude Law are reprising their roles. 

I loved the first one, except for the chick that played Irene Adler- let’s hope they re-cast her or that she can tone down her modernism for the role better than she did before.  Or maybe Irene won’t be in this one.

Can’t wait. Adore the charming Robert Downey, Jr. and the first movie was a fun romp.

Rock Em, Sock Em Robots vs. Iron Man II


Went to see Iron Man II last night.  It was a fun movie.  Not nearly as good as the first one but it was a diversion, anyway. Robert Downey, Jr. oozes charm and charisma as always.  He is just adorable and very sexy as well. Gotta love the arms he shows off in that  wife beater tee shirt.  He is such a spectacularly gifted actor, it is a joy to watch him.

Now, let’s talk about the great unwashed.  Yes. I mean Mickey Roarke.  Now, if I thought he was only dirty for the movie, that’d be one thing but I think it is his natural state of being.  Loved the line where Downey told him he was gonna bring him some soap.  I think he meant it for the real man, not the character.   Anyway, every time Mickey came on screen, I was revolted – he is disgusting. Yuck.

Now, to the Rock Em, Sock Em Robots:  There is a scene where Downey and Cheadle are fighting each other- reminded me of that old toy- I kept waiting for one of their heads to pop up like they do!  It was kind of funny. 

AND then there was the fight scene where Scarlett Johansson fought like 72 men.  That was waaaaaay to video game like for my taste. The movements were jerky and rushed and totally fake.  Could’ve left all that out.  Or done it much better.

So, I recommend this as a fun romp but don’t expect great things (other than from the star, Robert Downey, Jr as this role seems to fit him very well).  Suspend reality for two hours and enjoy.

Sherlock Holmes; the Guy Ritchie version


So, I went with #1 son to see Sherlock Holmes.  It was awesome.  Now, I am a MAJOR fan of the Arthur Conan Doyle stories.  Read them all over and over as a kid.  Love Basil Rathbone as Sherlock- to me he was the epitome of the character-  No Jeremy Brett for  this gal-  now, I DID watch the Jeremy Brett ones and they were ok but he  just wasn’t Rathbone.   I also enjoyed the one that was called The Young Sherlock Holmes.  He was a teen in that one and it was an action adventure almost reminiscent of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom at the end.   AND who could forget Gene Wilder in the crazy Sherlock Holmes’ Smarter Brother.  

I say all this because I have read some of the on line reviews that talk about how unrealistic this new adaptation is.  Seems to me that the “Sherlock snobs” didn’t realize that they were going to see a GUY RITCHIE film.   If they wanted a true adaptation, they should have rented a Basil Rathbone or Jeremy Brett movie.  THIS WAS GUY RITCHIE, People!   You won’t get a staid drawing room flick from this man-  Know your director before you go and then grouse all over the internet that you didn’t like it.  Please!   Geez.   Anyway, the only thing I didn’t really care for was the casting of Rachel McAdams as Irene Adler.  She just didn’t fit.  The actress that played Mary, Watson’s future wife, was spot on.   All in all, a good, fun picture. 

When Holmes meets Mary, she talks about liking detective stories.  She mentions Wilkie Collins and Poe.   The detective story was new in that era and Edgar Allen Poe actually wrote the first-  The Murders in the Rue Morgue.  The Moonstone was by Wilkie Collins and was one of the first, if not the first, to be written in London.  My son said I was probably the only one to catch that line in the film.   I hope not.   But, after all, I am the queen of arcane facts.  

Here’s a pic of our boy:  The  irrepressible Robert Downey Jr as Sherlock Holmes,  a fun romp of a flick.