Costa Rica


Used the research I did for a full length manuscript that my alter ego is writing for a fun little short story.  I decided to put the info to good use by writing something short to submit under my own name. I hope it will be accepted. I think it is a fun little story. Submitted it late this afternoon.  The guidelines were under 6000 words, romance, jungle theme.

I have 5200+ words, romance and it occurs partially in the jungle of Costa Rica.  AND I have the greatest, coolest name ever for the hero.  The name alone inspired me.  So, how could it miss?? 

Stay tuned for an update on the submission.  As soon as I know yea or nay, I’ll post.

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  1. Thanks re: the name. It is actually a real name – had to “borrow” it- It was just so awesome. AND thanks for liking the story. It was a fun and fast one to write- once I started to do it.

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