My Mother


Sometimes she’s a bit crazy. Yesterday, I was over at my parents’ house for Sunday dinner and my  mom was looking at all the little slips of paper with drs. appts on them. She had some for her and some for my dad.  She decided she better put them all on the calendar. When she got to one particular day, she said, to my dad, “La. You have two appointments on the same day less than an hour apart. Can  you do that?”

I said, “did you just say  La?” 

My dad said, “yes, she did.”

My response?  “If I had a fictional character say that in one of my stories, some critiquer would say that word would never be used in a real conversation!”  

And today, she came by my house while I was at work and told my 16 year old that he better get up and get ready to go to the orthodontist before “your mother comes flying in here like a witch on her broom to get  you.”  THEN, she tried to deny saying it.  Shoot, any woman that would say La in a general conversation would call her daughter a witch. I just know it.

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  1. Knowing your mother, I can totally hear her saying LA. As for the witch part, maybe you should remind her that if you are it would have to have come from her I think that is a genetic trait passed from mother to daughter LOL

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