Five Sisters Blues Cafe



The Five Sisters Blues Cafe is a new restaurant in Pensacola located at Belmont and Devilliers.  It is a cute place reminiscent of  New Orleans restaurants. It has brick walls and columns and echoes like crazy in there.  They also have an outdoor dining area with ceiling fans.  I went today with my friend, John, and the place was hopping.   Saw loads of other people I know. 

Good country food- excellent fried chicken.  Had to pass on the banana pudding as I had no room but I bet it was awesome. 

They have po boys made with Gambinos bread as well as the good old fashioned country cooking. The name is a tribute from the owner to his mother and her four sisters.  I highly recommend the place. I know I’ll be back; over and over since it is a short walk from my office.  Go early as the parking is limited.  By the way, you can also enjoy a cocktail while you are there, if you are so inclined.

Check out the menu:

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  1. We’re honored to be mentioned by you! Thank you for dining with us and writing about your experience; we look forward to having you in again. Make sure to leave enough room for dessert, though; the banana pudding really IS awesome. 🙂

    For those times when our main lot is tight, there is parking available behind the Eddie Todd building right across from us to the north, as well as parallel parking along the street. There is also space on the unpaved land adjacent to our parking lot on the east.

    Hope you’ll come by again while we’ve got our live music events on Friday and Saturday nights!

    All the best,

    Five Sisters Blues Cafe

    • Thanks for replying- It was really, really good and I’m going to pass on the info to everyone I know. AND the waitress kept my tea glass filled which is always a plus!

  2. I’m so glad you told us about Five Sisters. I know I’ll be trying it out soon. Good home cooking type dining and a filled tea glass are hard to come by.

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