Private Tour


When I got to court today, the marshal service was excited to report that the new security system had been installed and that I now had more protection with a camera right beside me focused on me and my table where I conduct proceedings. That was nice to know. There has always been security at the main entrance and there was only one monitor for the whole courtroom in the old bldg.

We have moved to a new bldg and now there is a full control room. Imagine my delight when I came back from my lunch break and was invited by the senior marshal on duty for a private tour of the control room. It is amazing. There are TONS of cameras all over the bldg and parking areas. They have about 25 monitors- AND they are COLOR! I’ve never seen a color one. We are moving up town.

I told the guys that I didn’t ever want to be in the holding cell and be on that particular monitor. LOL! Jail cells are not somewhere I’d ever want to be.

 The US Marshals assigned to that bldg are all truly remarkable and love their jobs. They are so good to me and I am happy that I got a tour. I would’ve never asked for such but I loved it.  Made me feel special on a blah day.

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