Anyone else do soundtracks to your WIP?  I like to have songs that pertain to the story and listen to them BEFORE the actual writing starts and get them in my head.  Then, as I work, I listen to them to keep me in the mood of the novel.   In Redemption for the Devil, since the main characters are Irish, I have Danny Boy as one of the songs.  Also Wild Irish Rose.    Then there’s Lonely Boy by Paul Anka.  Stardust and Yelllow Bird because the story is in 1920.   Because the the main action takes place on an ocean liner, Morning After, from The Poseidon Adventure was a must.    I have a Pink song called Stop Falling.  Two Back Street Boys songs: Bad Boy and Don’t Want to Lose You.    YEAH, I KNOW- The Back Street Boys!  But some of their stuff just fits.  LOL! 

I also have some Billy Joel Only the Good Die Young, Always a Woman and The Stranger.  Tom Jones’  She’s Always a Woman.   One  by Three Dog night,  and two by George Michael  One More Try and Kissing a Fool.

These all contain some plot element.  Some maybe only one sentence pertains but they all have meaning. 

Any one else want to share their soundtrack?

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