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Tre-Fratelli (Three Brothers) is a cozy little local Italian place here in Pensacola.  We love it. Excellent food and ambiance. The wait staff is exceptional as well. I took my staff to lunch there today for Christmas. We also went there for a birthday lunch in the summer. We’ve been at Christmas before and I’m sure we’ll go again. The only thing that I could find wrong today was they didn’t have the fireplace going. Of course,  it was in over 60 degrees but I love the extra mood that the fire offers.

A great meal. I highly recommend this place. It’s in the historical district and is just a great place to eat, either inside, on the porch or at one of the sidewalk tables. We ordered a variety of things: stuffed pizza, cheese bread, alfredo pasta, calzone, Meatball marinara and some prosciutto wrapped mozzarella. Everyone had a great lunch!

My Random Five-Ingredient Recipe


Italian Chicken Pasta

boneless chicken pieces
cut into cubes and saute til brown

saute with the chicken

add to saute mix above

Italian dressing
pour over the sauteed mixture above

tri color bow tie pasta
boil, drain and toss with the above mixture.

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SoundTracks: The Third Installment


This is the song list for the manuscript Solo Honeymoon.  Finding a title for this one just about kicked my butt.  It was called The Italian Novel in my head for months til I landed on the real title.   The heroine finds her fiance in the middle of the floor in flagrante with one of her bridesmaids.   Rather than stay home and face the shame, she flees on  her honeymoon trip with her best friend instead of the fiance.  She falls for a sexy Italian dude.   And then the fiance follows her to Italy and eventually to New York City for the denouement.  Here are the songs:

Gloria Gaynor: I Will Survive;  Dean Martin: Mambo Italiano and That’s Amore;  Bonnie Tyler:  Holding Out For a Hero;  Weather Girls: Its’s Raining Men; Arsenium: Love Me, Love Me;  INXS: Need You Tonight; Pink: Oh My God; Texas: In Demand; Daughtry: It’s Not Over; Aerosmith: I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing;  Secondhand Serenade: It’s Not Over.

I DO know I have two songs called It’s Not Over but they both fit the mood of the manuscript.    Here is my inspiration for the hero, Dario:

His name is Edoardo Costa.  Very Nice, Hey?