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If I Could Only Eat One Meal the Rest of My Life


Pot on the Stove

If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life, it would have to be chicken and dumplings. I love, love, love them. A pot of chicken and dumplings is a comfort food that reminds me of my maternal grandmother. She always made sure she had some on the stove when I came to visit. She never said she loved me, but the dumplings were the proof that she did. She was an excellent country cook. Just yummy!!

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My Random Five-Ingredient Recipe


Italian Chicken Pasta

boneless chicken pieces
cut into cubes and saute til brown

saute with the chicken

add to saute mix above

Italian dressing
pour over the sauteed mixture above

tri color bow tie pasta
boil, drain and toss with the above mixture.

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