Started a Crazy Story


I’m gearing up for NaNoWriMo beginning in November and don’t really want to start anything new writing-wise until then as I don’t want to get wrapped up in characters and then change gears in two weeks.

I had nothing to read in my car yesterday so I took my alpha writer to lunch and started a short story, thinking I was going to submit it to a place looking for fantasy romances. I wrote 365 words with a plan (sort-of- not really) for a fairy to  be part of the story.

So, today, I picked it up and worked on it at lunch again and added about 700 more words. It has now turned into a sort-of-not-really Valentine’s Day story. 

I have no idea where it’s going and when the hero asked the heroine if she knew who the murder victim was, she said no and asked him to tell her.  I was just as eager as she was to know the answer. 

Hurry up, November, so I can focus. Please. 


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