What I Miss About Childhood


Virgina is for Lovers…. Of FALL!

wanted: rotting pumpkins

I lived in Virginia and I miss the change in the seasons. Driving up Skyline Drive to get apple cider, pumpkins and gourds in the fall was such a blast. The weather was cool and the cider was icy cold. So cold it hurt going down even though it tasted heavenly. There’s nothing like fresh pressed apple cider.

The leaves crunching underfoot were magical and I can remember kicking them to make them fly and thinking there were fairies and gnomes in the woods. I never uncovered one but I probably made so much noise that they ran from me. I was a pretty rowdy kid.

The smell of fires burning along the route was a tingle in my nose and I loved to inhale the scent. It was an idyllic time and I miss the heck out of it.

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