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New Short Story


Gonna start a new one tonight-  that’s the plan, anyway.  It came to me this morning in the shower- have to work the real job first, though. Have a lunch date so can’t work on it during lunch either. I have jotted down gist of it.   I already know where I plan to submit it.  It will be one  under my real name.

Here’s a clue:  And for those of you that know how much I love the British Isles, this castle view isn’t much of a clue, is it? so, here’s another clue: there will be golden hair in this story.   Does that help?

Rock Em, Sock Em Robots vs. Iron Man II


Went to see Iron Man II last night.  It was a fun movie.  Not nearly as good as the first one but it was a diversion, anyway. Robert Downey, Jr. oozes charm and charisma as always.  He is just adorable and very sexy as well. Gotta love the arms he shows off in that  wife beater tee shirt.  He is such a spectacularly gifted actor, it is a joy to watch him.

Now, let’s talk about the great unwashed.  Yes. I mean Mickey Roarke.  Now, if I thought he was only dirty for the movie, that’d be one thing but I think it is his natural state of being.  Loved the line where Downey told him he was gonna bring him some soap.  I think he meant it for the real man, not the character.   Anyway, every time Mickey came on screen, I was revolted – he is disgusting. Yuck.

Now, to the Rock Em, Sock Em Robots:  There is a scene where Downey and Cheadle are fighting each other- reminded me of that old toy- I kept waiting for one of their heads to pop up like they do!  It was kind of funny. 

AND then there was the fight scene where Scarlett Johansson fought like 72 men.  That was waaaaaay to video game like for my taste. The movements were jerky and rushed and totally fake.  Could’ve left all that out.  Or done it much better.

So, I recommend this as a fun romp but don’t expect great things (other than from the star, Robert Downey, Jr as this role seems to fit him very well).  Suspend reality for two hours and enjoy.

Sigh of Relief


Today was one of the least crazy days in a long time.  Had two newbie lawyers appear before me today that I wanted to tell that they don’t need to be playing in my ball field if they don’t know the rules, but other than that, a good day.

This ball field is a lot lovelier than my new digs in the Federal Bldg. I have been relegated to the basement.  There are 3 windows but they are under street level so it always looks like it is overcast and grey.  In the old bldg, we had a wall of windows that overlooked the bay.  What a change.

Mother’s Day


Was nice.  Had both sons at home.  We had Sonny’s BBQ for lunch because that is what my own mother always wants. I think, only one time, since I have been a mother, have  I gotten to eat what I want and it was because my mom was out of town.  So, grateful to have my own mom still be alive, I’ll keep eating Sonny’s BBQ for a long time to come.

I got a gift card to Books a Million and one to JoAnn’s.  My kids know me well and that makes me happy! 

A plug for my friend


I am running the same post on both of my blogs today just in case someone missed that it is Sayde’s release day! 

Happy Release Day to my friend, Sayde Grace. Her first erotica book is out today and available from the Wild Rose Press.  I hope you will ease on over there and order a copy. I’ve made it real convenient for you by including a link.  She is a great story teller and I am proud to call her my friend. 

Book One of the Cowgirl Tough Series, Riding Double
Available May 7, 2010 with The Wild Rose Press

Stressed to the max by her rodeo production company, Billie turns to young bareback rider Chet Haskins for a night of fun. She expects to get her mind off her business and her bull rider ex-fiancée, Bo Bennett. What she gets is several nights of sinful pleasure with both Chet and Bo. Finding herself quite literally between two hot cowboys, will Billie decide to move forward with Chet or start over with Bo?

“Saddle up and hold on tight. Riding Double brilliantly ropes emotional characters together with true-to-life rodeo excitement igniting passion between Billie and the rugged, dangerous and sexy as hell, Bo and Chet.” ~ KyAnn Waters – Author of Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down

Now Available at

Check this out


This is me in my toga for Latin trip to Orlando when I was a senior in high school.  I thought I was FAT- what the heck??  LOL!  I am the one in red.  My friend posted it on facebook today.  She is the one in the middle.   I was in Latin 4, she was in Latin 3 and the third chica was in Latin 2.  We had a blast!

Validation, of a sort


Something I  have suspected for a long time was confirmed this morning.  I am sad about it but it does prove that my gut instincts were right. I sometimes doubt my gut and you’d think I’d  be able to trust it by now, at my age.

Glad to have the proof and now, I move on. No looking back. Onwards to better.   Sorry to be so oblique but I have found that to be best. I can say this: this post has ZERO to do with writing.

Every get a lopsided apology?


One that says- “sorry I hurt your feelings, but I’m right?”

I was the recipient of such a thing.  I really don’t know how to react to something like that. Is that truly an apology?  Shouldn’t an apology have no “but” attached?  I may be crazy but that’s the way I look at it.  Alas. I guess I’m doomed to be in the minority there. What a crazy world we live in.

Tim Conway


Last night I attended a show in Biloxi, Mississippi called Tim Conway and Friends.  It was soooo funny-  I knew it would be.  He has been a favorite of mine since I was a kid.  I adore him.  He still has that elusive quality- comic timing!  He’s so funny, he makes me laugh until I cry. His monologues were hilarious and the skits were great. Dorf, the golfer, made an appearance and so did the old man  with the shuffle.   I wiped tears of laughter all night. 

Tim had Louise Duart with him and she is an impressionist.  She was fantastic. She had the voices down but also the facial expressions-  She did a George Burns/Gracie Allen segment that was truly genius.  Chuck McCann was the comic foil to Tim and true to the tradition, Tim cracked him up several times during the evening. It always amazes me to watch his castmates laugh at him and he never breaks character or cracks a smile.

A wonderful night. It was fantastic. 

Tim, Louise and Chuck take a bow



Today is May Day, a grand tradition in  many countries. Celebrations abound for spring-  May 1 is another of the pagan holiday periods that were “Christianized”- the Christian church replaced various pagan rites with their own holidays- The spring rites were turned to Easter celebrations just as the fall rites were changed to All Saints Day and Christmas.  The fall Irish holiday of Samhain was six months after the Irish holiday of Beltane.   So, November 1 and May 1 were very big deals back then.

Beltane was the beginning of the summer season of growth and the herds of livestock were let loose into the fields to graze. There were huge bonfires to celebrate the end of winter.  Samhain was the opposite- it was the celebration of the end of growing season and the last hurrah before winter set in.   Bonfires were lit then as well.  

I like to imagine all the fun and friendship around those various bonfires.  I also imagine the liquor and other intoxicants flowed freely and many children were conceived around those fires-  perhaps there’s a story there festering in my head.

May day now is much tamer.  Some tradtions are to bring flowers (posies)and hang them on a door as a gift, a Maypole dance with ribbons, a queen of the May, parades and various other tamer exercises.  It seems almost every culture has some celebration of spring.  Some even have this day as their “labor day”-  Asia, Europe,  and the Americas, including Hawaii, where May 1 is Lei day, all have wonderful traditions for this time of year.

In Pensacola, it is usually Crawfish Festival time. I hope this tradition will continue. It seems a little scary now for our sea food diet (and I’m  not talking mud bugs right now) what with the oil spill in the Gulf here.  What a great loss to this area- our eco system in turmoil. I am greatly saddened.  AND it is sure an ugly day here, too- windy, overcast and dark- no May Day flowers brightening a sunny day.  Adieu.