Rock Em, Sock Em Robots vs. Iron Man II


Went to see Iron Man II last night.  It was a fun movie.  Not nearly as good as the first one but it was a diversion, anyway. Robert Downey, Jr. oozes charm and charisma as always.  He is just adorable and very sexy as well. Gotta love the arms he shows off in that  wife beater tee shirt.  He is such a spectacularly gifted actor, it is a joy to watch him.

Now, let’s talk about the great unwashed.  Yes. I mean Mickey Roarke.  Now, if I thought he was only dirty for the movie, that’d be one thing but I think it is his natural state of being.  Loved the line where Downey told him he was gonna bring him some soap.  I think he meant it for the real man, not the character.   Anyway, every time Mickey came on screen, I was revolted – he is disgusting. Yuck.

Now, to the Rock Em, Sock Em Robots:  There is a scene where Downey and Cheadle are fighting each other- reminded me of that old toy- I kept waiting for one of their heads to pop up like they do!  It was kind of funny. 

AND then there was the fight scene where Scarlett Johansson fought like 72 men.  That was waaaaaay to video game like for my taste. The movements were jerky and rushed and totally fake.  Could’ve left all that out.  Or done it much better.

So, I recommend this as a fun romp but don’t expect great things (other than from the star, Robert Downey, Jr as this role seems to fit him very well).  Suspend reality for two hours and enjoy.

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