Proof By Seduction by Courtney Milan


Proof by Seduction by Courtney Milan was a pretty good read. I like a story that makes me weep in a few spots and Courtney succeeded in two places for me in this story.  This was her first book and she did an excellent job. I quite enjoyed both the hero and the heroine. The hero was very much someone that I could fall for. The intelligence he displayed was sexy. He’s a scientist.  I love a smart man.  Way to go on this story, Courtney- it was a home run.

One thing about this story that hit home for me was that I need to give up any thought I have to write for HQN. My friend, Cynthia Eden, has told me that I do not have the voice for Harlequin and this book brought that home to me.  That’s not a bad thing. I really like my voice and I’m ok with not having the voice that Harlequin wants. It’s just different and that’s all right by me. I’m happy with where I’m going with my stories.  I have 7 sold short stories under this name and I have 2 shorts and 2 novels under my pen name- I learned I need to forget targeting Harlequin. I initially  hit there as I thought I couldn’t write an 80,000 word book but I’ve done 2 over 80,000 and one at 75,000 so I think I’ll do all right.

Anyway, back to Proof by Seduction– I recommend it. Read it, enjoy it, love it.

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