weekend fun


I spent the weekend with a group of friends. We scrapbooked and had a grand time. These are some awesome ladies. The funny thing is most of us would have probably never met or forged the bonds we have without the craft of scapbooking. I’m a lawyer, we have a nurse, an engineer, a number of civil service employees, a couple of retirees, a business owner and a county executive.  A very eclectic mix.  We have so much fun- we let our hair down (so to speak) and laugh, laugh, laugh.   We ate seafood last night and had a blast.

We also love and care for each other. We love each other’s kids and families- some of whom we’ve only met in the stories and pictures.  It’s a wonderful support system.  I’m proud to be a member of the Scrapping Duchesses of York (so named as we used to meet at the York Rite Temple).

Duchess of York 1920s

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  1. Have you seen Eat Pray Love yet?? Wonderful movie!! I left there wanting to toss it all to the wind and move to Rome!!! Must See!!!

    Is there anything you don’t do??

    • HAHAHA. There is a lot I don’t do- like clean my dang house! LOL! No, haven’t seen it yet- I want to see the movie JUST For the “Javier factor”- he’s so adorable.

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