Soundtracks: Part Deux


As promised, here is the soundtrack for my book called Redemption for the Devil:  This is a story of an Irish Republican Army bomber, (Protestant- yeah- I know most of them were Catholic but he rebelled against his family), masquerading as a bartender, that falls in love with a nice Catholic girl. They are  on the ship, the Mauretania, in late 1919.  He is supposed to  blow it up but has a hard time doing it because he will kill this Irish lass he has fallen for.  What a dilemma.   She is the singer on board in the first class lounge so some of the music is pretty old.

so, here are the songs:   Three Dog Night: One;  Paul Anka: Lonely Boy; Nat King Cole: Stardust (and yeah- I was gonna have her sing it but it was written after my time period- dang!);  Harry Connick, Jr.:  Danny Boy;  John McCormack: Wild Irish Rose;  Chris Isaak: Yellow Bird; Tom Jones: She’s a lady; Billy Joel:  Always a Woman, The Stranger, and Only the Good Die Young; Back Street Boys: Bad Boy and Don’t Wanna Lose you; George Michael: Kissing a Fool and One More Try;  Soundtrack from Poseidon Advanture: Morning After;  and Pink: Stop Falling.

So, a bit eclectic this one, huh?   Anyway, I found this picture on the net and it seemed appropriate as Liam is a bartender and Peg is the lounge singer.


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