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If I Were President


I would look much older than I am. I would’ve gone almost completely grey in my first year or so in office. The burdens of the office are much more intense than the benefits, in my opinion. Who wants to have the weight of the world on their shoulders and get old before you need to? Not me! I’ll pass.

President’s Day


had an enjoyable day off.  Wrote for part of the morning.  Went to a movie and saw Young Victoria. I very much enjoyed it.  Men in tight pants always makes me happy.  Rupert Friend was excellent as Albert.   James Broadbent, as King William was, as usual, excellent.  Love him.  

Here’s a tribute to two great men of our Nation: one who helped found it and one who kept it together at all costs, even at the cost of his own life.  Two men well worth honoring. I regret that more places do not close in their honor. 

It is a bone of contention even.   Anyway, I thank them for their service to this Great country.