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What I’d Name My Own Clothing Line


leather jacket

My clothing line would be called SS&J for white Shirts, Scarves and Jackets.

I like to wear a white shirt, a solid skirt and then accessorize with scarves and jackets. I like classics but I also like quirky and fun. It’s easy to dress with a solid base and then kick it up a notch with interesting colored jackets and patterned scarves. I’m a lawyer and I have to look neat and tidy as well as professional but I do like to be an indiviualist and nonconformist. No dull black or navy suits for moi.

I just recenlty bought a buttery soft olive green leather blazer and can’t wait to wear it this fall. If the 100 degree weather would just go away, I could be stylin’ in my new togs!

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