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“The Killing Edge” A Book Review


This book was written by Heather Graham. It’s a light paranormal with some ghostly elements.  The heroine survives a blood bath/massacre when she’s a teen. It’s now a decade later and things are heating up again. People are dying and she may be a target again herself. 

This is a great read and I highly recommend it. Ms. Graham is an excellent writer and she really brings her “A” game to this story. I figured it out pretty early on but that’s what I do. I love to try to solve the mystery along with the characters. This story occurs in Miami, the Keys and a snippet in New Orleans.  AND most importantly, the hero is another to die for kinda guy. Luckily for the heroine, that’s might not be necessary!

“Ghost Night”


Started Ghost Night by Heather Graham on Sunday.  So far so good. I do like the way she writes. Very captivating. This is another of the Bone Island Trilogy. I have read them in the wrong order and that’s ok, too.  I know what happens to Bartholomew but I’m cool with that. LOL!

I won’t read any tonight or probably the rest of the week- inspiration has struck on the current WIP and I gotta type, type, type. I’m only posting here since I realized I’d had this blog on ignore the last fews days- since the short story writing fest on Saturday, the 25th. 

Have not heard from the two publishers that I have shorts out on submission. I think they’re both cute stories. One has a deadline of the 30th  of Sept. and the other of Oct 1.  I am hopeful for yeses on both.  One is a Thanksgiving mystery and the other is a ghost story.  Tis the season.