“Ghost Night”


Started Ghost Night by Heather Graham on Sunday.  So far so good. I do like the way she writes. Very captivating. This is another of the Bone Island Trilogy. I have read them in the wrong order and that’s ok, too.  I know what happens to Bartholomew but I’m cool with that. LOL!

I won’t read any tonight or probably the rest of the week- inspiration has struck on the current WIP and I gotta type, type, type. I’m only posting here since I realized I’d had this blog on ignore the last fews days- since the short story writing fest on Saturday, the 25th. 

Have not heard from the two publishers that I have shorts out on submission. I think they’re both cute stories. One has a deadline of the 30th  of Sept. and the other of Oct 1.  I am hopeful for yeses on both.  One is a Thanksgiving mystery and the other is a ghost story.  Tis the season.

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