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“The King’s Speech”- a Review


Went to see The King’s Speech on my birthday after  lunch. I enjoyed the movie immensely. Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush played off of each other quite well. They had a great chemistry and it seemed like they really enjoyed their scenes together. It was also nice to see Helena Bonham Carter back in a role where she seemed normal. She used to always be so diginified and lately, she seems like the odd, eccentric aunt that should be hiding in the cupboard.

I especially enjoyed the scenes where Bertie was cussing and it was helping him speak clearer. Those were priceless. Laugh out loud funny.  There were also a few places in the film where I got chills.

Michael Gambon as George V was excellent. Loved the actors playing Edward VIII (David- Guy Pearce) and Churchill (Timothy Spall) as well. Interesting side note- the actress that played Geoffrey’s wife in the movie was Jennifer Ehle.  She was Elizabeth Bennett to Colin’s Fitzwilliam Darcy in Pride and Prejudice in 1995 and they had an off screen relationship then.   A great little movie that I highly recommend.

Long Week


Had a long week this week.  I’m worn out. Planned to read a while tonight but am just putzing around on the computer. I can’t seem to focus for longer than a few minutes at a time. I woke up this morning needing a nap and I felt that way all day. My staff gave me some great bosses’ day goodies and I even got a cake. It was nice.

I’m watching a movie called Circle of Friends from 2006. Not the one from 1995 with Chris O’Donnell, Minnie Driver and Colin Firth.  This one has a guy named Chris Kramer. Funny how the hero in each one played by a Chris.  Totally different plots, though.  The Chris in this one is very handsome. I like the scruffy look. Check him out.