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Happy Halloween Friday Facts- October 30, 2015


Sharing the pumpkins, Happy Halloween!

Jillian Chantal

It’s Friday and yes, I know, I missed the last two. I was visiting my son and hadn’t planned ahead.  While I was there, we went to the pumpkin spectacular at the zoo. It was amazing to see the pumpkins they carved and drew on. Movie scenes, movie stars, headless horsemen, phantom of the opera, and even the Beatles. Such amazing art.  Here’s a link to the website.

The zoo is named after Roger Williams- and here’s your Friday Fact- he was the founder of a colony in 1636. He named it Providence Plantation and he was a proponent of the separation between church and state. His colony offered refuge for religious minorities and he founded the first Baptist church in America.

Enough facts, let’s share some pumpkins!  2015-10-21 20.19.242015-10-21 20.24.072015-10-21 20.29.242015-10-21 20.29.132015-10-21 20.46.582015-10-21 20.25.19

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