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It’s Release Day!


This story is set in my hometown, Pensacola, and features many local landmarks as well as restaurants I love to visit- all local owned and operated, some by more than one generation! ┬áIt’s a tour of my town as well as a bit of a thriller with some romance woven in. Buy link

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Working on Edits- The EIsenger Element


My second set of edits came in on my upcoming release, The Eisenger Element and I’m working through them. I’d forgotten how much I love these characters. The heroine, Emilia, is a smart-mouthed, sassy New Orleans cop from Algiers and she has a quirky side for sure. The hero, Lincoln Eisenger, is a lawyer who is trying to help his brother who has been wrongfully convicted of murder and is in Angola Prison.

It’s a fun story with lots of character, if I do say so myself. BUT how could it not since New Orleans is where it’s set. What a great city to place a story. There’s so much that can be done and so many unique individuals there that inspire me to really ramp up the characterizations. This tale has hookers, Garden District denizens, a Tarot card reader, a family of cops, and a mystery to solve as well.

Here’s the house I picture as the home of the hero. It’s a real home in the Garden District. Isn’t it lovely?1851