Word Wednesday- October 2, 2013- Weird


Today’s word is WEIRD. Interestingly, it has two definitions and the one I was thinking of when I decided to use it is the one most commonly used which defines it as “of strange or extraordinary character.” I have had such a day today. I can’t even explain it but today has been strange and extraordinary in so many ways. At one point, I was almost compelled to bang my head on the desktop.

The other definition of weird is ‘of, relating to or caused by witchcraft or the supernatural: Magical”- How have I lived my life thus far and not known that? Did I miss class the day they talked about this? I think it’s interesting that I’ve heard this for the first time in this the month of witchcraft and spells. I love the symmetry of finding this out in the merry month of October.

I did always think it odd- weird even- that the grammar rule of “i before e except after c” was broken in the word weird, didn’t you?

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