I’m Tired- How About You?


I love, love to write stories and the process itself helps me keep my mind off the other things that I let bug me – such as trying to work my day job all day and night. It’s hard for me to shut down my brain when I get home and I constantly think about work. The writing is supposed to be my escape from that- something to keep me otherwise occupied but I made a big mistake, I think.

I wrote for years and years and selfishly kept all my stories to myself for my own amusement. When I was convinced by someone to let them out of my head and my computer, I became interested in being published. I have had a bit of success in that arena but when I say that, I mean I have had success in getting publishing contracts. I do not mean it in any way that I’m a successful writer. I wanted to share my stories but you see, that’s not what has been happening.

Sales are dismal. I know there are a lot of books and stories out there and there’s no real way for someone to stand out. It’s like a cacophony of noise and shouting. Everyone yelling, “Buy my book, buy my book.”

I think it’s time for me to get off that treadmill of promo and all that jazz. I’ll keep writing because it does make me happy but I think I’m done with the rest of it. I have a few more stories set to come out but I think the other ones will be left on that hard drive again. It’ll bring me some peace.

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