Daily Archives: March 8, 2011

My Worst Prom Date


2nd floor windows

It was a prom. My parents were out of town. The guy I went with was a former boyfriend but we’d broken up when I found out he went out with another girl when I was on vacation in California. We already had prom plans, so we went anyway. It was awkward as he wanted to rekindle the relationship and I didn’t. When he took me home, he insisted on waiting until my parents opened the door. I’d forgotten my key and knew there was no one home and the parents would not be coming to the door. I FINALLY got him to leave. I knew the front window lock was broken and I could climb in that way. The windows were the same length as the door but were split paned, so I had to get on my knees to crawl in. So, here I was with my butt in the air, in a formal gown, crawling in the window and just KNOWING he was going to just drive around the block and come back. In retrospect, when I think about my frantic, speedy crawl through that window, all the while worried that he’d come back and find my parents gone and try to take advantage of that situation, I crack up. What a sight that would have been for him to see.

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