“Death Threads”- a mystery book review


I read this one this past weekend and it was an okay read. I liked some of the characters and the setting. It’s the second book in a series and I was disappointed that the author gave away the whole plot (and most importantly, who dun it) of the first book in this second book. I hate when that happens. I know I am not the only person that may have picked up book two first. I like a series and sometimes when I pick them up out of order, I’ll go back and buy the prior ones. That won’t happen this time. I already know who was accused falsely and who actually was the murderer. So, what’s the point? The author could have very well made her references to the prior book a little less overt.

I like to read mysteries to try to match wits against the writer and the protagonist. I had this one figured out by Chapter six.  Even had figured out the red herring. But remember, I could solve an Agatha Christie book as a middle schooler in 28 pages. So, it’s hard to trick me. LOL!

If you read these, read them in order as you’ll be disappointed that you can’t go back and read the first one.

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