“Sinful Surrender”- A Book Review- A Valentine’s Day Recommended Read


This weekend, I read Beverley Kendall’s book called Sinful Surrender. Can I just say, Oh. My. Gosh.  What a great read. This book was a perfectly executed work of romantic historical fiction. It had all the elements of romance as well as spot on historical data.  The heroine was feisty and funny. She was intelligent and strong. I liked that she was tall as well. Sometimes, I get tired of the tiny little heroines in these type books. A tall woman was a nice change.

The hero in  this story was ooh la la hot. His name is James and man, oh, man, would I like to meet this guy. He was fine looking and a very strong man. There were a few times I’d like to have been able to shake some sense into him, but that’s a sign of a well written book to me. And the sex scenes were very nicely done.

Ms. Kendall does an awesome job on making the reader feel she’s in the scene. I love that her descriptions were adequate but not overly done. There’s nothing I hate more than a long, dreary scene description- these were enough to give a sense of place but not to the point of a snooze-fest.

This was a great read and I’m planning to read her next one very soon. I already have it in my hot little hands.

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