A Mini Vent


Just a small vent.  A week ago, I was attacked  by a person for no reason in a series of vituperative emails. I’m not a grudge holder but I have vowed to steer clear of this person. Now it seems like I’m going to have to take a stronger stand than I intended. What I’m planning to do may cause some hurt feelings but I have to look out for myself.  I refuse to be a victim of this person. I may be making an announcement here soon about what I’m thinking about doing- unless I change my mind.

I’m in a state of flux in my writing life. Not sure about this mystery I’m writing either. I think I need to get some perspective on a lot of areas of my life.  Not sure how to go about it since I seem to be too busy for my own good. Wish that new horoscope thing would make me be less of a Capricorn. Alas, it is who I am and I can’t seem to turn off the type A thing and the urge to overachieve. Makes me cranky.

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