Today is My Birthday


And I’m glad to  be a December baby. It’s awesome to share the season with Christmas and New Years. It was not always my opinion that this is a good thing but as I’ve gotten older, it has become to mean more to me to have been  born during this special time of year. I’m a capricorn and I embody all the standard characteristics of the sign. I’m ok with that as well- most of the time anyway. 

I probably shouldn’t tell this but I will. Today, I am a half a century old and I’m ok with that, too. Nothing to be ashamed of there. I’m proud as well to have met my goal I set two years ago – to have my first full length book published before my 50th birthday. It was supposed to come out in January 2011 and came out in November 2010 instead. So, goal met.  Next on the goal agenda is a New York publishing deal. I’m not setting a deadline for that one, though.  I’m content with what I have for the moment.

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