Daily Archives: December 21, 2010



Tre-Fratelli (Three Brothers) is a cozy little local Italian place here in Pensacola.  We love it. Excellent food and ambiance. The wait staff is exceptional as well. I took my staff to lunch there today for Christmas. We also went there for a birthday lunch in the summer. We’ve been at Christmas before and I’m sure we’ll go again. The only thing that I could find wrong today was they didn’t have the fireplace going. Of course,  it was in over 60 degrees but I love the extra mood that the fire offers.

A great meal. I highly recommend this place. It’s in the historical district and is just a great place to eat, either inside, on the porch or at one of the sidewalk tables. We ordered a variety of things: stuffed pizza, cheese bread, alfredo pasta, calzone, Meatball marinara and some prosciutto wrapped mozzarella. Everyone had a great lunch!