Neglect Mode


Seems I’ve been neglecting this little ole blog again. I sometimes let life get crazy and don’t update!  One of the things that annoyed me this week was  a phone call I got from someone that will remain nameless. She never calls me unless she has a legal question- and she should as she is NOT a client.  Anyway, she called this week with a legal question for her daughter.  I wasn’t home and the spouse took the call.  Before I got home, she’d called again. How crazy is that? 

I don’t plan to call her back. First of all, she’s in another state so I can’t represent her anyway. Secondly, and most importantly, in my book, the last time the daughter asked me for legal advice, she didn’t like what I had to say and didn’t speak to me for a year- so HELLO??? Why call me and why think I’ll get in the middle of that quagmire again??  Can you say- NO WAY, BABE???

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