A short story for your amusement


I wrote this one called A Walk in the Woods for a contest to write a story with no tag lines.   Enjoy:

A Walk Through The Woods

Man, we have been walking for hours.”

“Nah. It just seems like it since it is so hot out here.”

“These trees sure don’t give off much shade, do they, Andy?”

“Nope. And not even a breeze blowing.”

“Whose dumb idea was it to hike these woods in the ninety five degree heat?”

“That would have been your idea, Andy.”

“Yea. Blame me, John.”

“Well if he doesn’t, I will.”

“Shut up, Anna. You are to be seen and not heard.”

“You are a mean brother, John.”

“Yea. So?”

“All you two do is bicker. Stop it.”

“It sure is a long way out here.”

“Yea. My legs hurt. I’m tired. Let’s sit down.”

“No. Anna, you follow us around all the time and you better keep up or I will leave you alone out here.”

“You would not, John. Mom would kill you.”

“Well, I might and then how will you find your way back? Andy has the compass.”

“She probably can’t even read a compass if we left her with one.”

“I can so, I’m a girl scout, Andy.”

“Woo hoo. Good for you.”

“Look, over there’s a lake. Let’s get a drink of water.”

“Sounds good. I need to refill my canteen anyway.”

“It sure is hot.”

“You got that right, Andy.”

“Ahh. That was refreshing.”

“Uh, John, look over there.”

“What is it, Andy?”

“Just look over there by that tree.”

“Oh my God, what’s THAT?”

“Dunno. What do you think it is, John?”

“Geez, it sure is weird looking.”

“Do you think its dead?”

“I’m not sure. Its not moving.”

“I’m scared”

“Anna, you’re a sissy.”

“I am not!”

“John, I told you not to bring your stupid little sister out here with us.”

“My mom made me, Andy.”

“She wouldn’t have if you had told her the truth about where we were going.”

“Yea. Mom will be mad at you for bringing me this deep in the woods.”

“Shut up, Anna.”

“No. You shut up.”

“Stop it, you two. John, poke that thing and let’s see if it is alive.”

“You poke it, Andy.”

“I have to find a stick first. I’m not gonna touch that thing with my hand. Look at all that fur.”

” It looks nasty.”

“Oh for Pete’s sake, John, poke it with your sneaker.”

“You are both chickens. I’ll poke it with my baton.”

“Been meaning to ask, why would you bring a baton into the woods, Anna?”

“Because I take it everywhere so I can practice, Andy.”


“Not so dumb when I can use it to poke this thing.”

“Just do it, then.”

“All right. All right. Don’t rush me, Andy.”

“You have to poke it harder than that, Anna. You barely touched it.”

“Here then, Smarty, you do it. Here’s my baton.”

“I can’t tell if it moved under all that fur. You try, John.”

“Okay. Give me that baton.”

“HEY! Stop it! All your yakking and poking woke me up. Can’t you see I am trying to sleep, here? Have you no manners?”

“Oh My God, Its alive, RUN!”


“Wait for me, John!”

“I thought they’d never leave. No wonder us Yetis stay so deeply hidden. Stupid humans have no couth. I think I’ll take a quick dip in the lake to cool off and then get back to my nap. Ahh.”


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