Plotting new short story


I worked on plotting a new short story last night for an anthology called Strange Mysteries.   It is going to be a fun little story.  Researched my male character who is going to be a shape shifter.   He may also be a psychic lemur.

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  1. Plagiarism! Intentional infliction of emotional distress. Whiplash! I’m gonna sue.

    I thought of the were-lemur first!! And I bet your character likes to “move it, move it,” too, doesn’t he?

    Well, in the interests of our long friendship, and the fact that lemurs look silly in cravats, you can have him.

  2. It isn’t plagiaism when you suggested it and told me to use it. And he isn’t a were-lemur and No, He doesn’t wear a palm frond and “move it, move it.” He’s too busy saving the world

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