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Getting Better and A New Contract


I was sick for three weeks and have been woefully neglectful of this blog. I will make a better effort in the future. I do have some good news. I have signed a contract with Black Opal Books to publish my murder mystery novel set in 1937 on the Orient Express. It’s called Senior Assassin.

I have a running list of names for stories and sometimes it takes me a while to write the story that goes with an awesome title. The title for Senior Assassin came when my son was a senior in high school (he graduated in 2012). Our school has a tradition with water guns and seniors of playing a game where there are teams of two and each kid pays to play. There’s a master of the game who assigns partners and holds the money. Last person standing gets the pot of money. They hide out and jump from bushes, etc to soak each other with the water from the water guns. I thought it was kind of dangerous myself but my kid played anyway and he was second to last man standing. He was robbed!! LOL!

Anyway, I loved the name Senior Assassin and this book lent itself perfectly to the title. When I told my son that I got a contract on it, he said, “You stole that name from when I was in high school.” I freely admitted it and told him about the premise of the story.

He said, “So, no teenagers and water guns in it?”

My response: “No. Pre World War II spies instead and a Nazi. Same thing, right?”

Him: “That’s pretty much what I had to do when I played, so yeah, everyone was a spy or a Nazi. They all had to die.”

Love that dude’s sense of humor.



I hope everyone had a nice holiday and if you ventured out on Black Friday, that you didn’t get trampled to death. I went to a couple of places- un-mall like.  Found some wonderful holiday spirit and some not so wonderful spirit as well. The woman that checked me out at Barnes and Noble was quite nice.  The one that checked out my mother was a royal witch. Considered reporting her to the manager, but decided against it due to the effort it would take. When we left the store, it was pouring rain. An unknown man offered to escort us to the car with his big umbrella. Big grin for him!

Then, of course, the parking lot people. Geez- the battle for spaces can be intense! People stealing spaces, making faces, flipping off other folks and other various gestures.  I noticed the mall parking lot as we cruised by was insanely packed. They were parked on the grass, the curbs, etc. It was crazy. 

My son is home from college for the weekend and it’s been fun hanging with him.  Luckily, he gets out of classes pretty soon and will be home in less than 3 weeks again.  

Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend!