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New Story Sale


I recently sold another short story- this one is called Music Hall, Music Hell.  It’s for an anthology called Happy Hell-o-Ween; Underworld Tours.  I wrote it in a couple of hours (after getting up three times in the night to jot down notes) and then let it simmer in my head for the day. I edited it that evening and submitted it. In 18 minutes, I had an acceptance.  The editor called it “a gem”-  made my day.

It’ll be out in September, 2011, I believe as it is a Halloween Anthology.  Check out the other books at the publisher’s website. I’ve got stories in several of them. I’m in Dear Valentine;  Christmas in Outer Space; Free Range Fairy Tales; Halloween Dances with the Dead;  and It Was a Dark and Stormy Halloween.  There are some amazing writers there.  http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/WhortleberryPress

Home From RWA


Just got back from Romance Writers of America National conference.  Am quite done in. Really.  But I came home to an awesome email- the cover for the next Halloween Anthology.  I have a story in it called The True Believers.  This is a wicked cool cover and I’m happy with it. Whortleberry Press is stepping up their game with these covers.  This one reminds me of the cemeteries in New Orleans.

 I believe the book will be available Sept. 1, 2010.  The last one came out  a week early so we’ll see if this one does as well.